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Freediving Course

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Freediving Course

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Freediving Course


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Freediving Course - 3 Star Freediving Course

Duration of the course: 3 Days
This is an advanced course for freedivers who want to learn advanced freediving techniques and a more elaborate physiology of freediving, and enable themselves to dive safely to depths of 24 to 30 meters.

The course includes:

Three theory sessions during which we will learn about the history of freediving, training concepts, advanced physiology of freediving and freediving fitness and ethics.

Two breath holding sessions during which you will practice CO2 and O2 training tables and improve your breath holding abilities.

One dynamic apnea session during which we will perfect your movement's efficiency underwater.

Four open water sessions during which you will learn how to use your buoyancy, advanced equalization techniques, self rescue techniques, safety diving and how to safely dive to depths of 24-30 meters underwater.

Price: 530 Euro.
Freediving Study materials and an APNEA Certification of *** level are included in the course.

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