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Learn Freediving in Eilat

A resort town of 60,000 and bustling port, combining sea and desert, Eilat lies at Israel's southernmost tip. The sun always shines here in Eilat and the average daytime temperatures rarely dip below 21°C (70°F) - even in mid-winter, the average daytime water temperature stays above 20°C (68°F).

The main attraction of Eilat is diving in the Red sea, one of the world's most spectacular underwater preserves. you can see brightly colored coral and fish and may see everything from a venomous lionfish to a moray eel to a shark to a sea turtle to a manta ray.

Eilat is also known as a great place to party at night with lots of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It's also a good place to shop because the city is a free trade zone with no VAT.

Freediving Courses...

Open water training and other freediving activities take place at the Dekel beach in Eilat. The Dekel beach offers a beautifully designed and organized beach with wooden decks right up to the water line. A bar and restaurant can also be found at the beach.

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